1. These children learn to make God the aim of life and the Islamic syariat as a guide

2. Believe children who are less fortunate and give love

3. Get this small generation to be a virtuous and virtuous human being

4. Help the missing orphan children to rely and be brought to live with the children

5. Help the contributors to channel assistance to those who really need without going through the complicated procedures

6. Produce children who can be independent and accommodate their lives in the future


  • To create a loving and harmonious community of people who prioritize the interests of others rather than themselves

  • Having close relationship between the rich and the poor by making virtue a key agenda of the society

  • To achieve a happy life in the world and in the hereafter

  • To produce children under RAAF's care to succeed in terms of their spiritual development and material development

  • A person who is self-sufficient and has a strong sense of identity in the life expectancy and challenges of life