Al-Firdaus Charity House (RAAF) is a charity and education house opened on 25 JUNE 2010 under the registration of 0019973030-W on behalf of the Al-Firdaus Management Center. Founded by a husband and wife as the founder. Having the spirit and ideals to serve the society, especially to the children, the religion and the nation is still small.Among the causes of community upheaval is the rising generation of young people with various social symptoms. Parents are too busy to stop paying attention to children.
As a result these children besides poor property, they are also poor affection, poor knowledge and poor faith. It is unfortunate for a nation if there are orphans or abandoned poor people, even if their brain is genius. Even many are the wealthy children of wealth, knowledge and faith. When he is an adult he is just an unemployed or humble laborer. It's even worse if he becomes a drug addict or a criminal. That is a big loss whereas he is a religious asset of the nation and state. Therefore all parties are obliged to eradicate this poverty as a whole. We are obliged to work together to contribute wealth, knowledge, energy and expertise to this noble effort. For this concern, this charity house is set up. Human development is the main thrust for the birth of a balanced generation between body, mind, lust and spirit. Thus they can become members of the authoritative society for future generations.